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Could analytics be healthcare's new superpower?  Discover how clinically-validated social determinants of health can improve patient care management.

Doctors rely on clinical data to diagnose health problems and determine the best course for treatment. But are they seeing the whole picture? Studies show that medical determinants are only accountable for 20% of healthcare outcomes. Social determinants of health, however, can account for as much as 50%.¹ When used to augment clinical data, they provide a more holistic view of patients.

A proactive approach improves health outcomes

LexisNexis® gathers socioeconomic data from billions of public records and uses predictive analytics to calculate a socioeconomic score that represents health risk. That score and other insights gained from the data can facilitate a more proactive approach to patient health, potentially preventing or mitigating future health issues.

For more information call 866.396.7703 or email us at healthcare@lexisnexisrisk.com.

¹ County Health Rankings, www.countyhealthrankings.org

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